How To Make Group Travel Simple

It's exciting to get a big group of friends together and decide to pull the trigger on a trip. To keep it fun and ensure everyone gets to have a great experience, it's important to plan and establish parameters. 


Plan Transportation and Accommodations First

Large groups travel much differently than individuals and that has it's plus and minuses. Booking in numbers can mean discounts and special arrangement offers. It also means you have to confirm with your travel providers that they have enough open reservations to handle x amount of people. 

The same thing goes with accommodations. Hotels and resorts often have special rates and upgrades for those traveling in a posse, but unless your reservation comes with a ton of perks, alternative options like renting an apartment might work well for your needs. It can also allow those that are more budget conscious be able to save money by cooking a few meals themselves.


Determine the Budget and Payment Methods

Agreeing to a total price per person will make sure the rich friend doesn't end up making enemies and we're not making anyone overdraft. Also, it gives the group direction on what type of activities to start thinking about. 

Big bills can similarly get tricky with groups, so if you are able to decide on a per person budget, someone can volunteer as treasurer and use that pool of money to pay tabs and invoices. If at the end of the trip there is a balance, it's easy to settle up. Alternatively, you can make sure everyone downloads a mobile payment app like Venmo so whoever puts their credit card down (because points) will be able to split the total by the number of people quickly.

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Prebook Activities and Allot For Downtime

Having a schedule laid out by nailing down activities will give your trip structure and get rid of confusion surrounding timelines. That being said, you should consider blocking off large chunks of time for people to regroup at home and rest, shower, change, pregame or whatever else it is that individuals may want to do but not raise their hand for.

These are basic ways to get your group travel off on the right foot. Looking for a way to easily share your trip with everyone? Download Veeya on iOS today and keep all of your experiences documented in one place.


Chloe Estelle McCall