5 Steps For Easy Travel Planning

Are you the type to research every detail the moment you've decided to go on a trip? Maybe you're more of the "wherever the wind blows me" type.

Either way, you're still going to want to do some planning before your journey to know what options you have and what your friends recommend.

Finding the way to collect this information is typically a struggle, but if you do a little planning ahead of time using these 5 steps you'll be a much happier traveler.


1. Decide Your "Must-Do's"

Figuring out what you can and can't live without seeing is crucial in starting the planning of your trip. This will decide how much money you'll need to allocate towards your vaca funds, the overall duration of your trip, and where you might need to make sacrifices. Asking your friends about what their highlights were when they made the same trip can help you gain focus during your planning.


2. Determine a Budget

Let's talk money. Now that we know what our "Must-Do's" are, we can figure out how much it will actually cost to experience all of them. Whether you're tight on cash or ready to splurge, it's important to know a general ballpark amount you'll be needing to put aside before you leave. If you want to pack in as much as possible, try making a list of activities by cost and cutting out the most expensive.

Hotel Reservations

3. Book Flights and Accommodation

By finalizing our activities and how much time and money we need to do them, we can book our flights and figure out where to stay.

For airfare, try flight sites like www.skyscanner.com or www.momondo.com to cut straight to the deals. If you find something you like, always take a second to look directly on the airline's website to make sure you're getting the lowest ticket price.

Ready to check out accommodations? This truly is another great opportunity to look to your friends for recommendations. Ratings on google and other engines can be hard to know if the people rating fit your idea of a good or bad time. Want to try something a little off the beaten path? Don't forget to see what Airbnb has to offer.


4. Make Restaurant Reservations

If you’re looking to get into that amazing bistro your friend raved about or a table at that fabulous beach bar, chances are others might be thinking the same thing. Nothing ruins a trip faster than realizing you should have booked something sooner. What if they don’t take reservations? Having a plan B will make any change of plans seamless.

smart packing

5. Pack Smart

Forgetting to pack a mosquito net and having the only option to buy one at 10x the price back home is a buzzkill. Know what you’ll need before you go to keep yourself from having to pay huge markups or even worse, not being able to buy one at all.

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