Effortlessly plan, share, & relive your travels.

Veeya uses the photos you take to automatically document your trips. Download Veeya today to start your journey with us. Available now on iOS.

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How it works

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Go on a trip

When you venture outside the normal range of places you frequent, Veeya creates a Trip.

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Take pics as you go

Veeya reads each photo you take, and determines where you were when it was taken.

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Watch your trip unfold

Your Trip updates with the places you visited, and the photos you took while you were there.

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Inspire & be inspired

When friends and family need ideas for their next trip, share places like that awesome restaurant.


A closer look


Get an instant archive of past trips

Veeya will analyze all the existing photos on your phone, and document the trips you've taken, and the places you have visited.

You'll be able to look back on where you celebrated your anniversary in Aruba 2 years ago, the family vacation to Colorado last summer, and more.


Plan however it suits you

You can collaborate on a plan your travel buddy has shared with you, or plan something solo. Easily add places like hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing spots to your itinerary. You can even make a reservation with OpenTable. While you're traveling, your plan will keep track of places you have already visited.

Or, if you're not the planning type, Veeya will create a trip as soon as you start taking photos. Regardless of your approach, you'll have a comprehensive trip stored in Veeya.


Keep trips smart

Locations that you frequent, such as your home or work, can be ignored by designating them as Safe Areas. Safe Areas ensure that the trips Veeya creates are ones you want to have documented.

Safe Areas can also have time frames attributed to them. For example, if you moved away from Boston last year, you might want future visits documented, but still want Veeya to ignore photos that were taken while you lived there.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does Veeya work?

A: Veeya reads the meta data from the pictures on your phone and, with a bit of help from FourSquare and our customized machine learning algorithms, creates 'trips' based on where you’ve been. Each trip is comprised of a series of 'places', such as restaurants, parks, stores, hotels, and more.

Q: How accurate is Veeya?

A: We are continually tweaking our algorithms to make Veeya as accurate as possible, but there are many uncontrollable variables that go into detecting a photo’s location. We’ve also made it easy to combine, hide, and re-name trips and places.

Q: How does Veeya know when I’ve gone somewhere new?

A: By settings your ‘safe areas,’ such as your home or work, Veeya knows to ignore places you frequent.

Q: Do I have to create a plan for every trip?

A: Nope! Veeya will still analyze all your photos and create trips once it detects you've gone somewhere new. But if you like to plan in advance, Veeya can help keep track of the places you want to see.

Q: What happens if I delete photos off my phone?

A: Your existing trips will remain in tact, but your own photos will no longer be displayed in the trip or place details.

Q: What if I forget to take a photo of a place I went?

A: Not a problem! You can always manually add places to a trip.

Have another question? Email us at support@veeya.me, we'd love to help.


About Veeya

It all began on a girls’ trip to Paris, with a wish to have one stress-free place to gather the best travel recommendations from trusted friends and family.

No more chaotic paper binders, exhausting data entry, or scrambling from website to website to keep it all together — just one modern, mobile solution.

Veeya’s mission is to enable people to effortlessly explore the world around them, and to share the joy of their favorite places with others.

There is a lot more to come! Thanks for joining us.